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Arrow Metal Detector

Arrow Metal Detector

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ARROW DETECTOR!! at the lowest cost I can I offer you a metal detector to help Archery Ranges and Archers across the world, by offering this great economical metal detector at 1/3 the price of competitors. This lightweight and easy to operate detector features a 55.3 kHz frequency, plus an LCD screen display that ensures precise results with maximum accuracy. It's powered by 9V (6F22) so you can use it almost anywhere. With its 6.77 inch diameter and 6.1 inches in length, it is a convenient size - perfect for carrying around. Its sensitivity allows it to detect even arrows below the surface, and its sound and LCD mode indicator will alert you when you find something! Not suitable for children under 3 years old, the Metal Detector is sure to make your arrow hunting adventures much more enjoyable. Get yours today!

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